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  • RT  @RichCordray : We’re having some fun with the “mean tweets”! hours ago
  • RT  @Milleson95th : I think we’re on parade 15 or 16. I just want to say how thankful I am for our team and for all those along the streets s…5 hours ago
  • RT  @IronStache : "We don't have enough money to feed hungry Americans," says man who gave a $1.5 trillion tax cut to the 1%.…5 hours ago
  • RT  @MMFlint : My theater tonight in Michigan. hours ago
  • We’ve endorsed plenty of #veterans running in #Ohio this year. Maybe some can represent our great state & shine lig… hours ago
  • 💪 hours ago
  • They must be fired up in Dayton! We only see one coffee cup! Looking forward to our #Ohio  @AFLCIO  Dayton Kickoff ev… hours ago
  • RT  @DavidPepper : Just another way that we are lagging. Columbus needs new leadership. Now. hours ago
  • RT  @SaysHummingbird : GOP Senator shamelessly admits that Republicans plan on stripping away health care from millions of people if they win…9 hours ago


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