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  • RT  @SEIULocal1 : Working at Russell Stover Candies isn't so sweet for janitors. It's time the candy company stop acting like a Scrooge and e…5 hours ago
  • RT  @mcropper1 : Forget the Christmas movies on TV and songs on the radio. Find a Christmas program at a school near you. This definitely put…6 hours ago
  • RT  @unions4workers : Corporate politicians and the super-wealthy have paved the way for this to happen. And it continues today... https://t.…6 hours ago
  • RT  @steelworkers : Trump's pledge to keep carrier jobs in Indiana is getting mixed reviews from Carrier employees. hours ago
  • RT  @eriecountydems : #45 admin moving onto labor - started quietly already.  @eriecountydems   @OHDems   @ohdemchairs   @ohioaflcio…7 hours ago
  • RT  @IBEW : Trump labor adviser’s plan to squeeze federal workers hours ago
  • RT  @lydiadepillis : Biggest winner from reduction in corporate tax rate is .... wait for it ... Wells Fargo! hours ago
  • RT  @davidckamin : 1. Conference tax bill will lead to massive tax planning and game-playing undermining income tax, benefiting well-advised,…7 hours ago
  • RT  @NormEisen : President Obama warned in the 2010 SOTU that exactly this would happen. (As his Special Counsel I worked w/ him,  @jonfavs  &…20 hours ago


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