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Tri-County Regional Labor Council, AFL-CIO

The Tri-County Regional Labor Council, AFL-CIO was established in recognition of the hopes, aspirations, and the needs of the working people residing in the counties of Summit, Portage and Medina.

We are the sons and daughters of ancestors who came to America to escape absolutism in government, bigotry in religion and economic exploitation. We are proud of this American quest for liberty and the struggle for equality.

We seek now to implement this great heritage by securing for all working women and men the full recognition and enjoyment of the rights to which they are justly entitled:

  • The achievement of an even higher standard of living and working conditions
  • The attainment of security for all the people
  • The enjoyment of leisure which their skills make possible

And we seek to do these things within the framework of our constitutional government and consistent with our institutions and traditions.

We rededicate ourselves to the responsibility for furthering economic opportunity, religious, race and sexual orientation freedom and political participation.

Grateful for the traditions of our past and confident of the future, we rededicate ourselves to maintaining and extending liberty and opportunity for all.

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