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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Organized labor is launching an attack on Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump: Dangerous. Divisive. Unfit to be president,” reads the headline on fliers the Ohio AFL-CIO will begin circulating among 2,200 local unions this week.

Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has targeted the working-class and made opposition to international trade deals a cornerstone of his White House campaign. The wealthy New York businessman’s message has appealed in primary season to blue-collar voters, including those in traditionally Democratic areas of Ohio and other battleground states.

“The messages in the fliers represent the overall message the AFL-CIO will be communicating to working people across the country,” said Ohio AFL-CIO spokesman Mike Gillis. “This is the first salvo, with an aggressive campaign to follow this summer and fall as we seek to educate both union members and non-union members about Donald Trump’s record and why working people should be gravely concerned with the prospects of a Trump presidency.”

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Get the flyer discussed in the article here to distribute at your worksite

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